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I have been using LeptiSense for about 3 weeks and have seen a noticeable difference in my waist line. I'm definitely ordering more as I have 5 more inches to go.Verified Purchase Image

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 Attention: Over-30 Women and Men Who Have At Least 10 Extra Pounds to Lose ...

"What You've Long Suspected About Weight Loss Has Finally Been Scientifically Proven"

If you struggle with hard to lose fat around your hips, waist and butt, chances are it has NOTHING to do with your will power. So you can finally drop the stubborn "diet-resistant weight" -- no deprivation or hardcore workouts required.

From the Desk of Jayson Hunter, RD., CSCS.,
Saint Charles, Missouri

Hey there,

My name is Jayson Hunter and Im the founder of JayLab Pro, a supplement company selling over a dozen different products with over 100,000 happy clients around the world. 

However, what I have to tell you today has nothing to do with my happy buyers.

You see, I've spent the last 18 years helping my clients and my clients clients look and feel better. And in all those years, I still remember Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth came to me because she felt 25 pounds too large for comfort. Like others in her shoes, I put her on a moderate carb, reduced calorie diet and regular exercise.

Yet after each weigh-in and appointment, the scale didnt budge. 

After a few frustrating weeks of this, she told me, 

"Why weigh myself when I could roll around in glass and feel just as bad?"


Here was a woman who was dedicated to her results and had a great mindset about her body. And yet she struggled with the one area which should have been completely cut and dry.

Calories in, calories out just wasnt working.

I knew there had to be something going on besides her willpower. Because it wasnt her ability to stick to the eating plan I gave her -- she was an utter rockstar at keeping a food diary and sticking to portions. 

And it wasnt her workout routine, because her fitness trainer swore Elizabeth attended every session.

And yet she wasn't losing weight. 

I'll tell you what I found in a moment.

But First, I've gotta ask - Does Any of This Sound Like You?

 Are you feeling as amazingly energetic as you used to? Or has your motivation dropped like a bowling ball off a rooftop?

 Is your body responding to your changes in what you eat? Or does the weight keep piling on no matter what you do? 

 Do the old standby diets still work like a charm? Or have even low carb diets failed to push the needle on the scale? 

 Does food make you feel nourished? Or do you feel hungry between meals even if youve eaten a decent amount?

 Are you feeling rested most of the time? Or do mid-afternoon siestas come whether youve slept well or not? 

 Are you able to effortlessly shed those last 15 pounds? Or does it seem like your body is "stuck" in a fat storing mode and refuses to reset back to normal?

 And finally, does it feel like "you've got this"? Or do your stress levels shoot through the roof over normal, everyday irritations? 

If any of this sounds like you, then what you'll discover in the next few minutes is nothing short of life changing.

And even better, the source of all these problems has nothing to do with your diet or what you believe about your body.

The problem is that your metabolism is out of control.

At the time, Elizabeth felt ashamed of her inability to drop the pounds, but she shouldn't have.

And neither should you.

It seems that for some people (like Elizabeth), fat sticks around not because of diet or willpower, but because of hormones.

And those hormones are complex and interdependent.


The Connection Between
Fat and Hormones Is Finally Clear

To make this complex relationship between hormones a little clearer, I'd like for you to imagine for a moment that your metabolism is a hotel with a limited number of rooms. 

Those rooms are your fat cells. (Because you can't ever make more fat cells, you just stuff more fat into each one.)

What else is there in a hotel?

You have visitors, right? Let's pretend those visitors are fat, which is just energy stored in your fat cells. 

Like a hotel which needs sales to function, you need energy to breathe, move, and enjoy life to the fullest.

And then you have keys. Thats your hormone that controls blood sugars. It unlocks the doors of your cells so it can use the energy you eat.

And your body doesn't want extra fat circulating through your veins any more than a hotel wants random people roaming the halls. 

So to keep the numbers down, your body acts like a good hotel and gives guests room keys once they've paid, which again is how your blood sugar hormone acts when your body says you need a little more energy.

And as the rooms fill up, the system sends feedback to the hotel manager that says, 

"Hey, were done here! No more!"

That's what your fat cells do when they expand: they send signals to your brain by way of a hormone called leptin to tell the brain how much fat is in your body. 

... which should cause you to feel less hungry and to start burning the fat instead of storing it.


But here's where things start to break down.

First, as you age you have more stressors. 

The busy job, shuttling kids around, taking care of family members, and a world on fire all contribute to higher levels of stress. 

And that constant stress causes cravings for junk food, making you gain fat (4, 5, 6, 20).

Which means that everyday stressors in your life arent just something you deal with -- they're sabotaging your metabolism (4,5,6)

This stress releases a hormone called cortisol.

So now imagine theres a guy in a suit with a financial report in his hands screaming, "We need more sales!" as he roughs up the other staff members and throws keys at random people. 

That's cortisol causing internal panic.

So now imagine to compensate for all the keys, there's another guy with a bucket running around scooping up all the keys while damaging every wall, door, and surface he comes across.

Thats what happens when your body compensates for extra leptin by increasing other chemicals (such as an inflammatory marker called c-reactive protein, or CRP).

CRP binds to the extra leptin (16) and wreaks havoc on your internal organs, making you feel sick and tired.

(It's also a flag which tells doctors that you're at risk for heart attacks and other life-threatening illnesses.)

The lowered leptin means your metabolism slows down and your appetite increases... just as it would if your body fat percentage was low.


As a result, your brain thinks youre starving,
causing you to eat more and store more.

In that imaginary hotel, the computer system doesn't know which rooms are full or empty, so it just shoves guests into every room like a perverse clown car.

And no one ever gets released.

It's like Hotel California for your fat!

All the while the hotel owner (that's you) is trying all kinds of renovations to "fix" the problem. 

Which is why, despite diet and exercise, youre growing fatter, hungrier, and moodier than ever.


Thats what youre doing when you try to
diet and exercise with imbalanced hormones.  


There are dozens more studies which prove that, for a variety of reasons, its not your fault that you keep gaining fat that just wont go away no matter what you do.

Now back to Elizabeth.

Based on my research, I discovered that there were three research-backed ingredients which could restore someones sensitivity to fat releasing hormones and reduce the bodys stress response.

When Elizabeth applied what I learned, the results were nothing short of miraculous.

The result?

By taking these three natural ingredients, her body began to respond to everything she was doing.

And each weigh-in brought fat loss, increased energy, and better moods.

And when YOUR metabolism gets back on track, youll...


 See the swelling and water retention around your face, neck, and hands disappear.

 Halt the constant "snacky" feeling and instead feel a sense of normal fullness after eating. 

 Stop feeling tired after each and every meal. Your blood sugar will begin to regulate, so you no longer swing from "hangry" to "comatose" every few hours.

 Lose the extra inches accumulating around your arms, hips, thighs, waist, and butt. Any diet or exercise program you undertake becomes more effective. 

 Feel less stress overall because your bodys fat storing stress hormone, cortisol, isnt flooding your system anymore. 

 Finally drop the extra fat... which further regulates and restores your metabolism back to its leptin-sensitive state. So you stay lean, which is what your body already wants.

The answer to your weight loss prayers is a restoration of your bodys natural hormonal pathways.

By recalibrating your bodys fat loss mechanisms, you bring your metabolism back to the way it should be - hungry when it ought to be, full after a decent portion, and burning - rather than storing - what you eat. 

What I've done is combine the best ingredients designed to do just that - bring your metabolism back under control. Your control.


The Answer is LeptiSenseTM

Instead of messing with all your internal controls, LeptiSense helps you naturally enhance what youre already doing for your overall health.

The problem isnt that youre failing your body - its that your hormones arent doing their job.


The LeptiSense Metabolism Supporting Trio

LeptiSense contains only the most effective ingredients available today. Each of these ingredients is backed by research to be effective in balancing the hormones causing stubborn, diet-resistant fat. 

Ingredient 1

A plant-based combo that not only reduces leptin
it reduces body fat, too

The first ingredient in the metabolism supporting trio is Lepticore®, which is a proprietary formula made of 6 ingredients, including plant-based polysaccharides, beta carotenes, and blue-green algae. And it works to balance leptin, the very hormone you need to start releasing body fat.

In one study (17), researchers decided to pit Lepticore against 12 "flags" of a healthy metabolism, such as body fat, body weight, waist size, HDL, LDL, and CRP.

Now you've heard of the placebo effect, right? If not, the skinny on it is that most drugs are tested against their effectiveness against your own minds power to heal itself. And unfortunately, many ingredients tests just aren't up to snuff. 

Unless you're talking about Lepticore®.

In that 8-week study, the participants didnt follow any diet or exercise plan yet lost up to 11.5 pounds, up to 2.8% body fat, lost 1.8" off their waist, and lost 1.7" off their hips. They also lowered their total cholesterol by up to 18%, their triglycerides by up to 7.1%, and lowered their CRP by up to 15.1%.

All that scientific jargon is to say it worked fantastically -- even without diet and exercise.  And that placebo effect?  It didn't come close to Lepticore. 

So if Elizabeth had taken part in this study and weighed 150 pounds, shed have lost up to 11.5 pounds and reduced every measure of "bad health" doctors look for in those annual checkups.

For many people, thats enough of a difference to be life changing.

And all of that would have been possible without diet and exercise. 

Thats not all I included in Leptisense... 

Ingredient 2

The key to beating stress
finally discovered in Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic practitioners have known for centuries that if someone is stressed, a specific plant with bright red berries has the power to lift the spirits. 

This miracle plant is called “Indian Ginseng (or Ashwagandha), and for the past 10 years it’s been used in the US for its mood-boosting, brain-protecting powers (6, 8, 9, 10).

Ashwagandha means “smell of horse”in Sanskrit, clearly pointing to its energy-giving properties.

And western medicine is just beginning to catch up to its miraculous effects (6, 8, 9, 10)

Study after study is now proving its efficacy at lowering one key hormone - cortisol- so you feel less frazzled, overwhelmed, and moody. 

It also packs an antioxidant punch that has been shown to decrease your blood glucose levels and improve your brain function. 

It’s even been shown to protect and improve brain function, improving that fuzzy brain feeling some people get in the afternoon.

And finally, I included ... 





Ingredient 3

A Surprising Mineral Found in Broccoli, Wine, and Garlic

Studies are beginning to show that a trace mineral found in your body … 

…as well as in many common fruits and vegetables like broccoli, grape juice, wine, potatoes, and garlic. … 

… helps regulate, the hormone your body needs to get energy into the cells.(11)

It’s called Chromium Picolinate, and in one study (12) it was shown to help improve something called “fasting glucose,” which reveals how well your body uses sugars in your blood. 

And that’s not all … 

Study after study shows that your health dramatically improves with hormone regulation

Balancing these hormones and lowering CRP have been shown to … 

Lower the amount of sugar circulating in your blood, which helps prevent Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and many other conditions … 

This keeps you from bouncing between “hangry”and “comatose”every few hours …

Increase your fat burning metabolism so your fat cells finally release stored fat. This means slimmer arms, waist, hips, butt, thighs, and face

Who’d say no to that?

Improve your overall moods, so you no longer reach for chocolate, chips, or other comfort foodsin order to perk up … 

…Which means that you’re more likely to resume the things you used to love doing, like those afternoon walks, dinners with friends, and romantic times with a significant other… 

Sleep significantly better, now that youre not in a twilight zone between tired and wired that was caused by cortisols effect on your thyroid.

Decrease the bad” lipids in your blood so you reduce your risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and stroke ...

And so much more. 

Of course, its also important to note what isnt in LeptiSense.

I was determined to ensure that Elizabeth - and you - didnt experience any negative side effects.

Which is why I didnt include common ingredients found in other supplements ... 

Caffeine, often added as "green tea extract" or "green coffee extract." This can lead to jittery feelings and rapid heartbeat -- or worse. That way you dont have to give up your daily cup of joe in order to lose weight.  

Grapefruit extract, which interferes with certain medications and cause harmful interactions for certain people. 

Instead, all I've included are the ingredients proven by decades of safe use, dozens of reports, and countless success stories to work for people like you with an extra ten or more pounds of extra, accumulated fat. 


I'm Not the Only One Praising the Ingredients in LeptiSense

And I've got to be honest with you - I can't take all the credit for LeptiSense.

While I was the first to package these three unique ingredients, I didn't forge the way.

As mentioned before, dozens of researchers have proven the effectiveness of these ingredients and paved the path for LeptiSenses creation. And I have years of collaboration with other experts in the field whove proven these ingredients with their clients.

The collective research and experience has allowed my team and I to see the "truth" about weight loss, which is this:

The #1 reason you can't lose weight has nothing to do with the food you eat. Only when you balance your metabolism will you really lose the stubborn fat.

This is a super simple fact, but let me be clear...


"What Doesnt Work Makes You Fatter"

The truth is, anything which isn't helping you lose weight is only helping you gain weight.

That's because your metabolism cannot store fat and release fat at the same time. And if your body isn't releasing fat, it's storing it.

Of course, you could do other things than take a supplement to fix your leptin resistance.

For example, you could do super high intensity exercise (sprints, HIIT training) (21).

Or, you could do what one weight loss guru suggests and visualize predators chasing behind you as a way to improve leptin sensitivity. (18)

But do you really want to lose weight by running really fast and imagining a lion at your heels? I dont!

Fortunately, there are easier ways to balance your hormones.

With LeptiSense, you press the "I want results now" button on your current diet and weight loss program.

As I said before, I believe that the only supplement worth taking is the one which doesnt cause more deficiencies in the process.

Unfortunately, many marketers out there will try to sell you the latest potion cooked up in a lab by people who have no business combining ingredients or messing with your metabolism.

So instead of giving you a 20+ ingredient cocktail designed to do who knows what to your body in the long-term, I've included only the ingredients you need to get results.

And it includes only the best versions possible of each ingredient.  


This Works For Everyone With At Least 10 Extra Pounds to Lose

LeptiSense works for almost every adult today - male or female, 20 or 85. However, it will have the most impact if you already have at least ten extra pounds you cant get rid of.


Because if you can't make the extra fat around your belly, hips, and thighs budge despite healthy eating and exercising, then you are already experiencing leptin resistance. Which means, youll likely benefit from the ingredients found in Leptisense. 


LeptiSense Puts You Back in Control

With LeptiSense, your weight loss is finally back in your hands. You are in complete control. You simply take 1 pill twice a day and eat a healthy diet like you normally do. And if you want to lose even more, LeptiSense has your back. Add in moderate diet and exercise and the effects on your leptin levels are magnified. 

I know it sounds simple, and that's because it really is that simple.

Look, your body wants to be lean. It wants to respond to leptin and ghrelin as it should. All LeptiSense does is increase your bodys natural responsiveness to the hormones so you finally drop the extra weight. 


Who This Isnt For

I wouldnt be doing our due diligence if I didnt admit that Leptisense isn't for everyone. In our experience, I've found this doesn't work for:

 Anyone who doesn't have at least 10 extra pounds to lose. If your body hasnt accumulated at least 10 extra pounds of fat, you likely dont have the problem that Leptisense addresses. 

The type of person who would feel weird finally achieving the body of their dreams after naturally slimming your hips, waist, and thighs.

A person who would feel guilty about supporting your body's natural metabolic mechanisms via a supplement.

 People who want to torture their fat into submission, rather than easily releasing it. 

 Anyone who doesnt want to feel more energy all the time or who enjoys the sluggish nap time after each meal. 

A person who expects a "miracle pill" which solves all your problems overnight... then this isn't for you. (What it will do, however, is help return your body back to a balanced, naturally fat-burning state.)

If none of these apply to you, then you'd be silly not to take advantage of the fast track to weight loss LeptiSense gives you.

Based on our research, LeptiSense should cost at least $87 a bottle. In fact, when I told the other JayLab Pro owners the planned price for LeptiSense, they told me I was crazy!

But I just told them, "Look, you know as well as I do that there are thousands of people over 35 who NEED this product."

... and now its your turn.


Your Limited Time Special Offer to
Get ALL of the Benefits Youve Already Seen

... and these benefits are backed by research and money back guaranteed.

Which is why you'd be silly not to pick up a bottle of LeptiSense today for just $44.95, which is 23% off the retail price. 

Thats just $1.49 a day -- less than what you'd pay for that daily cup of coffee. 

And a FRACTION of what you'd pay to treat metabolism-related conditions like Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes. 

Think - just $1.49 a day to balance your metabolism and eliminate stubborn body fat around your belly, hips, butt, thighs, arms, and face. 

$1.49 a day to experience dramatically more energy, brighter moods and all the benefits that come with those changes.


However, I'm not satisfied to give you a discount on just ONE bottle...

I know that youll love how you look, feel, sleep, and move on LeptiSense that youll want to take it for a long time and even recommend it to friends and family. 

Which is why Im going to give you the most outrageous savings possible.

Grab 4 bottles of Leptisense today and I will give you 2 additional bottles for FREE.   Youll save $117.75 off of the retail price, but only for a limited time. 

You are getting 6 bottles for the price of 4 ... a savings of 34%! 

Even better, if you act today, you'll claim this price for LIFE.

Which means that you'll never pay more than you will today for LeptiSense... ever... as long as your subscription is active.  Simply click the BEST option for you below to claim your limited-time discounted offer.

Our Fans Are Raving About LeptiSense



 I Am Also Including An Incredible FREE GIFT Just To Make This An Absolute No-Brainer For You To Try Right Now...

Get Your Blueprint To Losing Belly Fat In Just 14 Days

YOUR LIVER: Is constantly under attack which STRESSES your liver—causing it to perform at a much lower level than you’re accustomed too!

It CONSTANTLY takes a beating by filtering out these toxins and pesticides that it becomes harder to do the different functions it needs to do every day. ...

This revolutionary system gives you the keys to unlocking your TRUE fat loss potential!

Not only will you be able to fuel your body with the RIGHT foods to flush dangerous and deadly toxins for your liver…

You will also be able to unlock a never-ending supply of energy that is stored in your belly, on your hips, butt, and thighs…

Not only will you lose your unwanted belly, you will also start to notice a difference in your energy…

Your mood will be cheery and happy as you fit into pants or dresses you never dreamed youd fit into again…

Your confidence will skyrocket as you watch your body change daily in the mirror… 

I've Decided To Throw In Another Bonus To Make Sure You Reach Your Goals!

I am going to give you access to my private coaching group where you can ask any questions you want and I will answer them as well as coach you through the Body Reset Program to ensure you reach your goals.  

I normally charge $65 - $90 an hour with my coaching clients, and with your purchase today you will receive your very own coaching by me for FREE.  


Plus, you're covered by our 60-Day Complete 100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so sure that youll be delighted by the results you'll get with LeptiSense. So if in the unlikely event you arent completely satisfied, simply let me know within 60 days and I'll refund your purchase 100%. I simply cant be any fairer than that. 

Oh, and Did I Mention That...

Over 100,000 happy clients have proven that quality products produce quality results. Which is why LeptiSense contains the best ingredients I could find... rather than the other guys, who skimp on potency to make a higher profit. 

The LeptiSense youll enjoy when you order ...

·       Contains absolutely ZERO animal by-products (such as gelatin).

·       Is 100% free of Genetically Modified (GMO) ingredients.

·       Is gluten free.

·       Contains no allergens -- no milk, wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustacean shellfish, or soybeans. 

·       Contains the highest quality versions of ingredients - Sensoril® and Lepticore® - rather than their cheaper derivatives.

And the only non-active ingredients included are the vegetable cellulose capsule, rice flour, and magnesium stearate. Thats it.


Your Future Awaits

Imagine, for a moment, that youre 60 days into the future.  Can you see how the pants which used to barely pass your thighs now fit easily?  Or that shirt, which used to cling around your waist bulges ... which now hangs attractively over your trimmer frame? 

And did you notice how youve been feeling lately?  How nice its been to wake up without mountains of caffeine? How much easier it is to take part in everything you love to do?

Think - which "long forgotten" activity did you enjoy first?  Was it the Sunday hike?  The afternoon golf game?  The mid-week impromptu date night?

And then there's your relationship with food.  When you eat, notice how you're no longer eating more than your fill.  You feel hungry when you should and feel full after normal quantities.

And that former sluggish feeling?  It no longer keeps you from enjoying life.

Not to mention, there's no judgement from that skinny snob at the other table when you decide to enjoy life and order a steak instead of salad. (Bye Felicia!)

If you're ready to reclaim your metabolism and finally work with your body to lose weight, then order today.  I can only make this special offer for a limited time.

After that, Ill have to pass your savings to someone else. 


You Have Nothing to Lose But the Weight

Look, I know you're smart and you could combat this problem on your own.  You could find all the research I did, pick out the exact amounts of each ingredient to take, and source each ingredient independently. And then swallow each and every one of those pills, separately.

Today you have the opportunity to fast track all of that and take advantage of the leg work already done for you.  You have the opportunity to lose weight with the support and guarantee you deserve. So lets do this together.

LeptiSense 1 Bottle

LeptiSense 1 Bottle

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LeptiSense 6 Bottles

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LeptiSense 3 Bottles

LeptiSense 3 Bottles

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P.S. Today you have the opportunity to take advantage of a limited-time offer to balance your metabolism.  And you can try LeptiSense for just $44.95 and save 23% off the full price. Claim your bottle today.

P.P.S. Honestly, will your life be any different if you do nothing today?  Sure, you can go it alone. But can you really say that going it alone will get you where you want to be? Will it give you the body you want? Will you feel safer, sexier, or slimmer than you do now?  If you can't say that going it alone will make your life or health be 100% better in 60 days than it is today, then I want you to order now

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How soon should I expect to see results with LeptiSense?

A:  When you are working on optimizing hormone functionality the results dont happen overnight. When you are specifically working on optimizing Leptin you first have to give the body time to decrease the resistance to Leptin and allow your brain to start receiving the Leptin signal again. This is why a healthy diet is also very important because it will help reduce internal inflammation that the fat cells are creating. When your diet can help reduce internal inflammation then the Leptin-Brain connection will start to function better.

You should start to see results in 20-30 days, but dont rely on the scale. We have found that many customers have lost around their thighs and mid-section yet they also added some lean muscle from their workouts so the scale wasnt giving them an accurate progress report. If they gain 2lbs of muscle and lose 2lbs of fat the scale says they didnt make any progress. That isnt accurate though because some lost a total of 5 to 6 inches from their body with most of that coming from their thighs and mid-section.

So be sure to also take circumference measurements at the beginning of your program and then again at the end to know where and how much you have lost.

Q:  Is LeptiSense all natural ingredients?

A:  The main ingredients in Leptisense are from the Ashwagandha root and leaf extract along with plant based polysaccharides, esterified fatty acids, pomegranate extract, beta-carotene and blue-green algae. Chromium is also a naturally occurring mineral. It is also Vegetarian along with being GMO and Gluten Free.

Q:  Is LeptiSense also a thermogenic supplement?

A:  LeptiSense is not a stimulant based supplement. It doesnt contain caffeine or other thermogenic based ingredients. LeptiSense contains ingredients that help optimize the hormones Leptin and Cortisol. These hormones play a significant role in successful weight loss.

Q:  Is leptisense gluten and soy free? 

A: The individual ingredients used in LeptiSense are not considered to contain any Gluten or Soy. The product as a whole has not been tested for gluten though.

Q:  Is LeptiSense stimulant free?

A:  Yes, this is stimulant free.


Q: Can I restore my metabolism though a diet a diet or special foods? 

A: In short, no. If that was the case, all the diets and fitness programs attempted by millions of overweight people would work, wouldn’t it? There wouldn’t be so many stories of people who tried one diet or another and failed. And there wouldn’t be a need for the dozens and dozens of studies into the impact of leptin, cortisol, on your health … nor the studies of hormone-balancing ingredients like those found in Leptisense.

Q:  Cant I just buy a less expensive form of these ingredients? 

A: You’ll be able to find a less expensive form of “Indian Ginseng” found in Sensoril… but you simply cannot find a higher quality, certified potent, certified pure form found in Sensoril.

And as for Lepticore with its PEA and mix of high quality, plant-based micronutrients and antioxidants? It’s only available as the proprietary, quality-ensured combination found in Leptisense.

But let’s be honest here …

Aren’t you worth more than bottom of the barrel, expired ingredients for the sake of saving a few quarters?

Isn’t your long-term savings of the costs of lifestyle health conditions worth the investment of $0.99 cents a day?

I think so, which is why your best bet is to take advantage of the special offer for Leptisense extended to you right now.

Q:  Can I take this while on a diet or exercise program? 

A: Yes! As mentioned, Leptisense enhances what you’re doing, making any diet or exercise program more effective. Which is why adding in the Body Reset program to your order today is a smart move.

However, you don’t need to embark on some kind of intense program in order to get results you can see and feel. Which is what makes balancing your metabolism so incredibly powerful.


1. Zoico, Elena, et al. “Interrelationships Between Leptin Resistance, Body Composition, And Aging In Elderly Women.” Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, vol. 56, no. 9, 2008, pp. 1768–1769., doi:10.1111/j.1532-5415.2008.01811.x.

2. Hughes V, Frontera W, Roubenoff R, Evans W, Singh M (2002) Longitudinal changes in body composition in older men and women: role of body weight change and physical activity. Am J Clin Nutr 76(2):473–481

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